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David Petersen
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Eids — I always wear an insert in my Beans as well, though I can’t recall if they come with the boots or I added them.

Clay — My Schnee rubber boots — Guide Boot I think it’s called — have the same crepe soles as the Beans and they are fine on anything dry. But they’re awful on wet steep slopes. I’ve learned to compensate, and even lug-soled boots tend to fill with mud and effectively have no tread when you need it most, so I see it as a wash. Definitely don’t want to step with Beans on a down aspen trunk or limb with the bark off when it’s black-wet — the interaction is slick as deer guts on the doorknob. Nothing is perfect but I, me, myself, will stick the the Beans as overall best hunting boot I’ve ever owned. You have to experience the quietness yourself to appreciate it — like waterproof, scentproof moccasins. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😛