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My feet seem to change over time. I had some vasque sundowners that worked for a while. I really liked them. Then after about 8 years I was on a long hike and they got real tight. I actually ended up with nerve damage. I went on a search for a new boot and after trying a bunch I settled on the Danner Expedition. First and foremost they have to fit your feet. So I look at all the qualities I want in a boot and if they don’t fit right I throw them down. I even bought a pair and wore them for two months to break them in. It didn’t work(they were Vasques). I took them back. The Danner Expedition has a deep lug. They have some of the best traction of any boot I have tried for a while. I don’t like to slip. Especially with a hundred pounds of meat in my pack. This year I went out and bought two more pair because I found a deal. Now if my feet will just stay the same I will be ok. Gary