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Smithhammer wrote: Patrick – I’ve heard lots of good things about the Kenetreks as well, and I have a couple friends that swear by their mountain boots. I just haven’t had a chance to try them, and with the boots I have now, I imagine it will be a long time before I’m in the market again. Have you tried their pac boots?

No, I’ve never tried them, but I’m considering getting a pair.

colmike wrote: You know. I guess I have worn every boot made and humped more miles then I even want to remember all with sore feet. Trust me folks on this one I know–you DON’T need support for your feet or ankles–do your own research.8)

I had a pair of heavy hiking boots a number of years ago, and sold them because they were miserably heavy. Since then, I’ve avoided heavy boots like the plague. I will say though, here in Michigan, I almost exclusively hunt using my uninsulated rubber boots, and they work great. When the temp drops below freezing, I’ll bring my boot blankets along. My point though is that since the rubber is not rigid at all, I have to be very careful as to not twist an ankle. I’ve come close on numerous occasions.

I’d like to get a pair of those Mukluk Trackers, but they don’t make them in size 14. 👿