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Thanks for getting back to me Ray. I would love to try both sets of limbs as I have mostly been a recurve shooter for years. My only experience with longbows was an old self bow long bow I picked up at a garage sale when I was a kid. I shot the snot out of that bow fishing for carp until I pulled it back on a final shot at a monster and the top limp snapped off. I hadn’t seen the crack which had formed in the limb as I was young and dumb:) I sure did like the look and feel of the bow though! What difference do you notice in how the long bow limbs shoot/cast the arrow vs. the recurve limbs? Will I be able to use the same arrows I have tuned for the bow? I guess it depends on how close the two sets of limbs are in poundage for my draw length. Are the longbow limbs tillered for split finger or three under? I don’t have all the funds rounded up yet but could send you half now and half with the set of limbs back I don’t want to use? Or we can just wait a bit until I have more in my toy kitty and I can send all of it at once. What ever you like. I just injured a ligament in my left elbow at work so it will be a few weeks before I can shoot again anyway.

Hope your season is finishing well. I started the season with three tags and filled one of my two doe tags on a nice white tail. We have almost eaten her up so it is time to get back out for the late season and fill the other two. Rifle season just got over here so now it is nice and quiet on the prairies again and I will start going back out. Smoke pole season just opened too:), and my bird dog keeps bugging me to get her back out after late season roosters and mallards. Gosh, a guy shouldn’t have to work from about September through January:)