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Greg Ragan
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Lots of factors play into the quantity of blood on the ground….too many variables really.

Here are a few that come to mind:

Fat content of the area hit

Which blood vessels and how many are hit (artery vs veins)

Angle of the impact and skin “play”

Chest cavity, abdomen, or muscle hit

2 holes or one

can organs block one of the holes (back to the shot angle)

Are the holes both high on the animal or low, or combo

shot from trees or on the ground

Is the animal pushed and stressed or allowed to lay down and bed (level of adrenalin

Was the animal jacked up before the shot or did he never even know you were there…..

The point is I don’t think you can count on a good blood trail all the time regardless unless you are shooting the same spot, same angle, same animal…a pretty impossible study and one I don’t think is really needed. The nature is an unpredictable and random thing…part of what we enjoy about it. No matter what you use on the end of your arrow be prepared for whatever the outcome.

Personally I have lots of experience with 4 blade razorheads and eclipse AND more recently 2 blades on animals. I can’t say I can tell a real difference between the 2 styles really….I have lost animals with both and have had 20 yard bloodtrails with both. Even if I had initial better blood with a 4 blade did not mean I recovered more of those animals….If I had less of a trail often the animal died just out of sight. Every situation is unique.

Now, for me I have gone to a 2 blade head because these are my main 3 aspects in a broadhead:

1. durability

2. ease of sharpening and touching up in the field with a file

3. economy

Your priorities may differ…if you are hunting moose or using a 40 pound bow #1 may be penetration…..if you are independently wealthy maybe cost is not a factor….

For all those interested I am shooting Ace standards now and have nothing but confidence in them. Do what Don says…pick one, shoot lots of stuff with it and move on. If you are blaming the broadhead for some failure your probably not looking at the correct root cause anyway….