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David Petersen
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Alex — Welcome back from Montreaux. It’s always good to see your pretty face here. 😛

Seriously, don’t you own a KME knife sharpener? What I did is to put a small mill-cut file in a vice and hit it with a hammer to break it off to the right length to fit into the KME stone holder. That way you can control the exact filing angle. Be sure to put a thin coat of chalk on the file before each use, as it enhances the cut and preserves the file.

Barring that, assuming your broadheads are at the bevel angle you want, paint the edges with a felt pen before you start filing to that you can easily see if you’re getting off-angle.

I too am left-handed (though I shoot right-handed) and sharpen left-bevel Grizzlies and other single-bevels, with no problem. My problem is much bigger this year — I can’t find the half-dozen new 200-grain left-bevel El Grandes I bought and sharpened last winter! I may have to start all over. 😡

After a long summer drought it’s been raining here every evening for nearly two weeks now. The acorns will likely survive, making bears and turkeys happy. The grass is turning green again, making elk happy. The aspen jungle is thicker than ever, making me happy. Broadheads will get sharpened. Elk will die clean and fast. And here, we don’t shoot the piano player 😀 dave