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BuckyT wrote: It was a fantastic trip Sean!!

I only saw one boar and he ran through my narrow opening too quickly to get a shot Joe…

I absolutely fell in love with that place! I should kick myself for being a Georgia native, and not exploring my own state’s national treasures……………..

I plan on going back every year I can from here on out.

Had a great time sharing camp with y’all Sean!!

Best hunt of the year by far for me this season!!

Congrats again on your deer!

Like I said before, you’ve become quite the trad hunter, and I’m envious of your abilities in the field.:wink:

Post some of your photos Tommy. You took some great ones! There are a few people on this site comtemplating going next year so try to whet their appetites.

Thanks again for the kind words. Again, unnecessary. Hopefully a big lion will give me an easy, low, shot in February because I will need it.

Gotta love the island hunts. If I were to kill a good buck early next year, I might have to try the primitive weapons hunt at wassaw. It would be great to hunt the islands with a flintlock!!