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OK, not to get too ignorant on you, but could you walk me through the trip from parking your car to getting back in it? Just the highlights. I’d like to hear how it really is. Here is how I envision it, tell me if I’m way off.

Drive 12 hours. Park the car. Get your stuff and go to the boat (guessing will need reservations). Get on the island and put your stuff down where you plan to camp (inside of the 20 acre camping area). Grab your stand and go to “mark your territory”. Find a spot, hang your stand, leave some TP and go back to camp. Pitch your tent, have some food, go to sleep. Wake up, go to your spot, climb the tree, wait for a deer, climb down, go back to camp. If you are tired, dress like a deer and lay on the main trail, and the DNR will take you back in a gator 😆 .

Now, first question is: when/where is report time/place? Is this a Friday-Sunday hunt or only Saturday to Sunday?

Next, I am guessing there will not be any hunting on Sunday as noon comes pretty quickly, so it’s really a one day hunt 🙁 ?

Is there any hunting in the evening? Sounds like morning is in a tree and afternoon is a stalk?

You mention climbing sticks, are climbing stands ok 😕 ?

Are there porta-potties or is it “bring a shovel” 😳 ?

Beyond all of the planning, this sounds like it would be well worth the 12 hour drive. Any other info you can think of would be well appreciated. Thanks for the help so far. Be well.