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Troy Warner
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I have a pair from the scheels store, every bit as good as the brand that cabelas puts their name on. It was a toss up between those and the vortex. But for 150 dolors less with just as good of clarity, but not as good of warranty, I left the vortex on the shelf. The ones I bought are holding up well, but that piece of mind the no hassle warranty brings may well be worth the extra 150 bucks.

Vortex does have a great warranty and it really is a no hassle warranty, a friend of mine literally bounced down the mountain with his and chipped just a small piece out of the lens along the outside edge, you could still see perfectly with them and he used them the entire season, then called the # on the warranty card, the guy told him to just send them in with a note where the chip was and they would have a new pair on the way within 2 days of receiving the chipped pair. I really don’t believe a person could go wrong with a pair of vortex optics.

Good luck