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Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but I have started using the fletching tape and it works GREAT. You still need a dab of glue on the front and back end of the feather, but that does not affect the speed at which you can finish an arrow. When using glue, I would wait 5 minutes per fletching to turn the jig to the next position. That’s 10 minutes per arrow. 15 if you wait for the last vane instead of chancing it and removing it right away.

if you haven’t used it, I would definitely say try it. I am pretty sure it works for all arrow types (Al, C and Wd), but you might want to double check. As far as holding, I have lost a few fletchings, but not in “normal” use. The last one I lost was while stump shooting. My arrow when right through a piece of dead wood and I guess one fletching scrapped off. It’s also real easy to do a repair on an arrow and be hunting that same day. I’m sure there are great cements out there, but ever since I bought the tape, I won’t go back to liquid. BTW: I use Al arrows. Hope this helps. Be well.