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Troy Warner
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In my 13 1/2 years with archery equipment early on I decided to go with the same rule I use with knives, if I have to work hard to put an edge on it, it isn’t an investment I am willing to indulge in.

I have some very good top of the line hand made hunting knives. All of them came with the correct bevel for best edge retention with heavy use and I have never had to sharpen them more than 15 minutes at the very most after hard bone splitting use to get them razor sharp again.

Of the broad heads I have used in those 13 1/2 years, the ones that meet the criteria that I hold dear, have been the ones that have been most recommended by the “old timers”, that have tried every thing from the original muzzy’s to the latest in the heavy 2 blade, 3 to 1 broad heads.

I don’t like to plug products for any one, so I won’t say which I have come to rely on for all my hunting needs…. but some old, opinionated elk hunter, who shall remain nameless (Dave):D, has influenced me, as well as others, plus my own experience with the 225 gr version of his recommended 300 grain broad head has sold me on “tuff” quality.

They’re worth the expense, remember you get what you pay for.