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David Coulter
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Some years ago I camped with friend in Glacier NP. When I found out I didn’t need a license to fish, I grabbed my fly rod and hiked the mile or so up to the lake. There are bear signs ( the man made type ) everywhere, so those of right mind keep an eye out. I tried to find my way through the brush to a pool under a waterfall and soon realized I couldn’t see more than five yards. I back tracked and when back to the lake. An older fellow as fishing so I talked to him about fishing the lake. He said the best time was late evening, but.. “then there’s the bears.” So after a few brave casts I started my way back down the trail. Man it was dark in the woods by then. Ever notice how hard it is to whistle with a dry mouth?

A few of us took a hike for a few miles. I noticed on our lunch break how little time there was that our group wasn’t seated in a way that we could watch all directions, without anyone having to say a word.

My hat’s off to you guys who like being in the woods where something might eat you before you’re dead. Maybe I’d get used to it. Maybe. dwcphoto