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dwcphoto wrote: Some years ago I camped with friend in Glacier NP. When I found out I didn’t need a license to fish, I grabbed my fly rod and hiked the mile or so up to the lake. There are bear signs ( the man made type ) everywhere, so those of right mind keep an eye out. I tried to find my way through the brush to a pool under a waterfall and soon realized I couldn’t see more than five yards. I back tracked and when back to the lake. An older fellow as fishing so I talked to him about fishing the lake. He said the best time was late evening, but.. “then there’s the bears.” So after a few brave casts I started my way back down the trail. Man it was dark in the woods by then. Ever notice how hard it is to whistle with a dry mouth?

A few of us took a hike for a few miles. I noticed on our lunch break how little time there was that our group wasn’t seated in a way that we could watch all directions, without anyone having to say a word.

My hat’s off to you guys who like being in the woods where something might eat you before you’re dead. Maybe I’d get used to it. Maybe. dwcphoto

If you spend enough time with black bears, you get to where you lose the fear of em. The angry ones are a little different story, but 99.9% of them just want to go the other way.

The biggest one I ever killed climbed up to my treestand and sniffed at it. That was fun!:D