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I will be honest, I was a little heartbroken when I saw the arrow hit, much farther forward and higher than I had intended. If she had been quartering slightly toward me it still would have been high but at a much better angle. I am shooting a 225gr Tuffhead and it penetrated that facing-side scapula, cut right underneath the backbone, between ribs on the off-side and stopped in the offside shoulder. 8″ of penetration at best. I know that when you release the arrow, all manner of possibilities exist. I listened carefully as she ran off and landmarked where I heard branches breaking when she was out of sight. When I got down, I had only dig marks from her hoofs to indicate direction of travel, and found my arrow (24″ of shaft with 3″ of blood, total 31.5″ to back of point arrow). I carefully picked along and found a speck of blood, then another pinhead speck. The hit was high with no exit so I knew things weren’t looking good and worst case scenarios swirled in my head. I was kicking myself and HARD! I moved slowly in the direction she had gone and grid searched but found no sign. I went back to start at first blood but didn’t make it there until I found better more abundant blood. A glimmer of hope, as I started to follow, looking for more and finding it! I glassed the area and still didn’t find her but noticed deeper hoof marks as I travelled, and increasing amounts of blood. 100 yards from the hit, relief washed over me as I saw her white belly facing me and glassed her (how come you can’t get something in the binocs when your 30 yards away??) and watched for a minute, no movement from her and I knew that I had been kissed by Lady Luck! Damage results: the broadhead penetrated the scapula, cut the underside of the spine, severed the windpipe and cut the front lobe off her left lung. After all my agony, she was dead in seconds and I had harvested my first trad-bow deer. I LOVE my bow and fear (well, not too much fear!) that I shall never return to the wheeled contraption as MTB (my bow) is a part of my very being! Thanks again to all! I Love you guys! We of the trad bow!!