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William Warren
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Shredded cedar bark is my favorite tinder but it needs to be kept dry. I also carry a small bundle of kindling. Here in the South, its called fat lighterd, Light wood, fat wood, etc. It is the heartwood of a pine tree and usually can be found wherever pine trees have been logged. Lighter wood will burn even if it is wet you just need a way to light it.

The level of compass skills needed depends on how backwoods you plan to go. Sounds like some good advice by those who are better at this than I am. My compass use has consisted of basically sighting a straight line or just orienting myself in small blocks of woods while coon hunting, etc. But I can usually find my way at night by the stars and moon in rural blocks of woods. Humping it through real back contry bush is another matter, so know how to use your tools before going.
Also remember to drink before you are thirsty and eat a little before you get too hungry. It’s tough to fight off a sugar drop way out in the bush.