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The law that requires that is ridiculous. As is Georgia’s law that a bear has to weigh 75 lbs to be killed. GA wants bears killed so it makes no sense whatsoever to limit the size of bears. I wouldn’t kill a small one anyway, but it’s completely illogical. In ga, as long as you have 75lbs of the animal, you are good.

I killed a pretty good one this year and was all alone. If I wasn’t allowed to cut it up in the woods and pack it out, I’d never have been able to get it out. In Ga, the bear must be checked in with a warden within three days. The guy actually drove all the way to my house to pull a tooth. I thought that was pretty cool. I don’t know how many we kill every year but it’s definitely over 2000 by now.

As far as meat care goes, I think people are way too squeamish about it. I see guys on the GA hunting forums that say if the temperature doesn’t get down in the 30s, you cant leave a dead deer out overnight. That’s pure foolishness. You can leave a deer out overnight in the summer and have nothing to worry about. I’ve done it and it’s just fine.