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Roger Norris
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fattony77 wrote: As near as I can tell, the only thing different between the times of Pope & Young & Bear, etc. is the definition of an “ethical” shot. The weapons we use are just as deadly (if not more so) than they were back then. Maybe in those days it was more about personal abilities & choices than what was socially acceptable. I doubt if the prey care whether they were killed from 40 or 80 yards away.

Apologies for hijacking the thread.

It’s about the impact of marginal shots at game animals. Our personal ethics are under scrutiny every time we hit the woods. How we approach our sport is waaaay more visible than it was “back then”.

Further, I think as a group, our ethical standards have gone up. A lost game animal isn’t the “no big deal” that it was 60 years ago. I don’t hunt behind a fence, and I don’t take marginal shots just to feed my ego.