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Crystalshrimp wrote: [quote=bully26]Troy,
The reason I ask is because my first arrows were fletched paper tuned at just 3ft and I wound up bareshafting the same length. Maybe there is a shortcut?

I hate to speak for Bully but since we’ve been tuning together for about 3 weeks now, I Will. I think what he’s trying to ask is, If he is supposed to theoretically have the same flight with a bareshaft as with a Fletched arrow, can he just skip the bareshafting and start tuning with a fletched arrow? Will he reap the same results? Bully, jump in if I’m messing this up. The only thing I might suggest is correct one thing at a time.

Ahhhhh!!! Now I understand.
To put it as simple as possible. Nope….

The reason I say this is really simple. The second the fletched arrow leaves the string the feathers will start to correct the fight. What you are looking for is to have the bareshaft flying correctly. Then, all that is required of the fletching is to correct any possible flutter that might try to redirect the shaft like say the broadhead, or maybe a gust of wind, or even a bad release.

Trying to short cut in any direction is only hurting yourself.

I know from my own trials and errors this may be turning afew of you upside down. Trust me when I say bareshaft tuning isn’t as hard as it seems. Once you get that first correct shaft the next one well come alot easier.