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rmmorring wrote: [quote=wildwills]

[quote=wildwills]Nate is working on a take down version for me as we speak. getting the cocobola riser with padauk accent, 4 boo lams amd elk tips.

Got my take-down Expedition Hunter yesterady in the mail from Nate. 62 inch AMO length, 55 lbs at 29 inch draw length. Cocobola riser with padauk accent, 5 bamboo laminations and elk/deer stag tip overlays. I was a really good boy this year.

That is one sweet bow. How does she shoot?


Haven’t had time yet to shoot it yet. Made up a 14 strand 3 bundle flemish last night and wil lbe doing to bare shaft tuning hopefully tonigh tif the weather cooperates.

I really like the feel of the bow in my hand. I’ll see if the wifey can take some video of me this weekend shotting in the bow to post.