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David Petersen
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Polar Bear — Sure makes a lot more sense than hauling in a wheeled cart, which in designated wilderness is illegal anyhow. Obviously, terrain and slope could render a travois either very useful or useless. In any event I too am intrigued and wondering if you have any photos of one of these rigs in action. It also occurs to me that rather than carrying so much cord and (apparently, as I read it) using it for webbing between two pull poles, you could do as the Indians did and cut a bunch of small-diameter cross sticks and thus need only enough cord to lash them to the drag poles?? Before the big fires here a few years ago I could have made good use of one. Now the downed logs litter the mountains like pick-up-sticks so that in places even the elk can’t get through. Gonna be a real pack-out challenge this year if I get lucky. dp