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It’s can be tough (and even harder than that depending on terrain). My general rule of thumb – never shoot a bear or deer bigger then 250 lbs running solo in the mountains until late september. Even then – consider my options and location. It’s just too damn hot earlier in the season. Down lower in elevation where it’s warmer it’s also usually closer to the car. I always have an ice chest in the car and even if I spend 2-3 nights out it will have some left to cool meat until I get to the closest supply of ice. I’m not as big as that football player in the pictures above. I had a hard time hauling out a 300 lb bear out of this mountain hole last fall. It took me a week to recover and my back bone was in pain. I showed the spot to my friend a couple of weeks later and he remarked where I bear hunt is just like mountain goat hunting. I’d never shoot an elk up there without help close at hand. For the most part a deer can be chopped up and layed into creeks if need be to keep meat cool. I have done that before.