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I never tried a bow quiver, although I think they take away from the bow. Just my opinion. I have tried the Side Stalker and sold it, I have always preferred a back quiver, unless you’re going thruogh thick stuff, let’s face it noise rattle isn’t really an issue, and even with that you can always slide the back quiver down under your side.

Having said all that, nature seldom gives a second chance. ABout 7 or 8 years ago, it was the last day of the deer season, plenty snow, very cold, and a slight wind. I’m set up in a Juniper grove in a natural ground blind over looking a clearing in the wodds that leads to a oak stand to my south 75 yards away, I am facing west, teeth to the wind, at 3:45 PM here comes a basket six pointer Ihad seen several times earlier in the season but like today he stays 50 yards out well out of range, it is now snowing lightly, and with the sun going down feeling colder. I put my bow back on my lap and settle for a last cup of tea and watch the buck amble away in no particular hurry. After about 10 minutes he’s out of sight, and it is dusk and I am cold, I pick up my pack and put it on and resign myself to the fact that the season is over at least for me, I sling my back quiver to the left (I am right handed!) I begin to walk out, but as a matter of habit, I always take a few steps, stop look, and walk again, I come around the knoll and there is the 6 pointer quartering away stopped and looking out into the oak hardwood. I could have scrambled and dumped everything, but knowing it was futile, I just watched and applauded him for out smarting me and making it through the season. Maybe a bow quiver would have been the answer… but I have no regret.