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Alex has given the first spot report and I will follow tomorrow with some pictures I hope.

What an awesome venue and I won’t list all that I bought as I’m still trying to hide it in the garage.

Larry and Belinda were great reps for the magazine and this site and Belinda has great knives:D

Trailing in Alex’s footsteps is like following the “rock star”. Just don’t shoot a 3-D course with him if your trying to concentrate–his phone kept ringing as he was getting “text messages” from his girl. Dave make sure he leaves it in camp. Yes I saw her pictures and yes she is a keeper8).

Fun meeting and talking with Fred and Teresa Asbell. Fond memories of Indiana way back then. What a great opportunity to thank the instructor in person.

My first rendezvous and first 3D shoot–loved it– only broke one arrow.

Ron’s class for Alex and I was a real pleasure. Learned more about putting an edge on in that 30 minutes or so then I ever have–and yes I bought the KME sharpener. What a delight to meet the E in KME– Ethan–a 12 year old that will ensure the Trad. Archery legacy lives on.

More later after 5 hours on the road–time for the ole man to hit the rack.

Last but not least I was amazed at the numbers of folks there and what a neat bunch.

Semper Fi