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Bruce Smithhammer
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Thanks for all the responses, folks.

I see crossbows as a whole different can of worms, and not really what the intent of this thread was about (nor do I agree at all with allowing them during bow season). It also wasn’t intended to be about commenting on the hunting industry/media in general, which is a much broader and thornier topic.

A different example of my point – I have another friend who started out as a compound hunter. He used to think trad bows weren’t useful hunting weapons, and that all they were good for was walking around in the woods and “playing hide and seek with animals.” He also scoffed when I tried to explain the ideas behind EFOC arrows, and their benefits. He sold his compound last winter, and now owns several trad bows, and shoots EFOC arrows with single-bevel heads. In the end, it just took him some time to wrap his brain around it and make the shift. He’d be the first to admit that he “get’s it” now, and he’s become a devoted trad fanatic.

Again, I didn’t start this thread to condemn the hunting industry (which has been done in abundance in many other threads, here and elsewhere), but just as a reminder that for many of us, it’s been a process of evolution that has led us to our current choices, and that others may be at different points along their evolutionary path. It doesn’t automatically mean that they are “bad” people or “slob hunters.” I think we’ll get farther with making trad bowhunting appealing, and winning more converts, by being positive ambassadors than by appearing to be holier-than-thou, and disdainful of anyone with a different approach. I know that personally, I’d rather hang out with people who seem to be having fun, than people who seem to be bitter and self-righteous, and this is as much a reminder to myself as anyone else.