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Thanks Smithy,

I’ve been talking with a guy about hunting some public land near his home and I know he is a compound shooter. He invited me to come over and go with him, even offering the use of stands he has set up. I figured he probably did not remember that I had told him before that I was all Trad so I reminded him of that and it did not seem to bother him and I don’t mind him using a c-bow although I do worry a bit over the things that Dave said especially when getting to know someone new. But interestingly, he seemed have more concern over the fact that I am a ground hunter when I asked if he minded if I stayed on the ground. He responded with a very somber: “you can’t kill deer with a bow from the ground can you?” I told him I had and that it is a bit trickier than being in a tree stand but it can be done and at close range. Any way I’m not looking to convert him just need a place to hunt but like Smithy said, how I behave will have an impact on whether he has a good impression of me or not. If we show we have manners then people with manners will notice. The rest, you can’t save them anyway.