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Steve Sr.
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CONGRATS, To Kirby for us.
(Sorry about earlier, I read too fast,lol)

I can only imagine the adrenaline that would be flowing with that situation. I KNOW WHAT I GET LIKE WITH WHITETAIL! LOL!

One of the attributes of the Ashby setup that got my attention was the ABILITY to take shots, like Kirby’s, that for decades I have passed up when I lacked the confidence of enough penetration and felt I was putting the animal at high risk of a non-lethal wound.

Robert Ruark said best a long time ago, but in other context.


Not the angle most of us prefer but quite doable with a fine tuned, heavy, High FOC, sharp arrow. Nay sayers can spout all they want, the PROOF is in the pudding, IMHO.

Some of us old timers have passed up certain shots SO LONG that it may take a bit of time and more experience with our setups, to feel confident on shots that were previously passed on. Human nature doesn’t allow for an easy change, it seems.

Pretty tough agruing with RESULTS though.

It’s not a shot I’LL pass up on a close whitetail.

Happy for Kirby, yet don’t envey that packing job! 😯

Once again, JOB WELL DONE!
(Except no dang blasted photos for US! 😆 )

Steve Sr.