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I can’t believe this is now the THIRD TIME I”M TYPING THIS….System keeps kicking me out saying I’m timed out!!!!

Anyway – here goes AGAIN.

Been trying to tune according to Doc’s recommendations etc in previous posts/research etc. I’m finding, I THINK (:!::!:), that my MFX 400 flying A BIT better than ABS Alaskans or Sitka’s but not really sure. I have moved out to 40 yards and that has helped a bit as Doc suggested. I’m shooting a Widow PMAII 50#@28″, 62″ long built in 2006.

I have Foc of 23.73 with Alaskans and 24.58 w MFX arrows. I’m shooting 29.5″ shafts with 315gr ABS field points (hunting with Doc’s ABS name sake broadheads – yes I know not actually your product – thanks ONCE AGAIN for your selfless dedication). My arrows are fletched 3 – 5″ feathers, left wing grind/helical on a 7″ cresting wrap. I’m braced currently at 8.3″. Folks at Black Widow recommend 8.25-9″. SO FAR I’ve had best results with 8.25. Gone up as high as 8.5″. Thought 8.3 was it but after moving back, more shooting etc. 8.25 is the mark. I will continue shooting throughout the factory rec’s and perhaps beyond. Unfortunately here in No East NJ we are experiencing “pre-Irene” weather nonsense. I don’t mind hunting in the “nasties” but trying to tune/make adjustments in it is a big PITA:!:

Need to cut short here because if I get kickied/timed outone more time it’s going to cost me a new laptop as this one flies into a wall………
Any thoughts ideas are greatly appreciated. I am trying to achieve as close to “perfect flight” as I can get and its making me a bit nutty. I’m trrying everything from form changes to release/grip changes etc (shoot split fingers, bow has an Asbell grip). My arrow flight w fletched arrows is not terrible. From a hunting perspective, I’m consistently putting arrows in 4″-5″ circle out to 20 yards and 7-8″ out to 30 yards so my accuracy is ok ( can be much better I know – I’ve been a “compounder” for 30 + years – even owned a “speed shop” for a few years in early 90’s. My groups w/ very big name compound, mechanical release, overdraw etc etc etc routinely 3-5″ with broadheads out to 50 yards) I know that’s unrealistic (at least in MY hands! :oops::P) but I REALLY feel we all owe it to the quarry, as well as our fellow bowhunters – past present and future to be the best shot we can be….

Please help!!!