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David Petersen
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Hunter1 — Either buy or borrow some 145 and 160 heads, either field points or broadheads, no matter. Try those and go up even another step in weight if you can. In short, experiment a bit and shoot the heaviest heads that fly well with those shafts, assuming you prefer to stick with the same shafts. A wide assortment of head weights is an inexpensive and essential part of every serious trad archer/bowhunter’s kit. Locally, the only sporting goods shop that handles bows sells only compound arrow-launchers and doesn’t even offer heads over 125. So you may have to get from a friend or mail-order. If you do go up in weight it’s a good time to switch to 2-blades with harder steel (50 rockwell at least). Experimentation with various arrow set-ups is great fun for me and I have little patience for those who say “if what you have works, why bother with looking for something better.” But then, this old fart has little patience with anything! As your signature quote says: “He who dares, wins.” 😛 dave