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Paper tuning is done with fletched arrows. That is one of the things I like about it. Rig up something that will hold a sheet of newspaper or butcher paper. I now have a PVC frame, but I’ve also cut a hole in a cardboard box and taped the paper over it. Set the paper up in front of a target butt of some sort far enuf so that the arrow will be clear of the paper before it hits the target. Step back about 6 to 10 feet and shoot an arrow thru the paper and into the target. If your arrows are flying straight, there will be a ragged quarter size hole in the paper. If they aren’t flying straight, there will be a “Y” shaped tear and you will be able to tell where the point and fletch went thru the paper. For a right hand shooter, if the point is to the right, the arrow is weak, point to the left the arrow is stiff. Point low is a nock point issue. If the arrow is very stiff, it is possible to get a false weak indication by the nock end hitting the riser hard enuf to bounce the fletching away from the bow.

I hope this makes sense; it’s pretty late for me to be thinking.