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Danny Klee wrote: MedFlyPos,

I have a Martin ML-14 too. It’s 70# at 28″. I love that bow. I have tried wood, aluminum, and carbon. My favorites are the Carbon Express Terminators 4560’s. They fly straight and very flat. I’m not much of a fan of aluminum but that’s only personal preferance. I love wood but because I have about 4 dozen spined for the bow, they are quite big in diameter so they don’t fly quite s flat as the carbons at anything further than 15 yards. But…nothing is as beautiful as some crowned, crested and well made wood arrows. In fact I am thinking about making some nice wood arrows and next year practicing with only them to use for hunting next year. I would love to harvest a white tail using my own hand-made wood arrows. By the way, making your own wood arrows can be very addictive!!


I really want to start making my own wood arrows too. BTW, the Terminator 4560 is an AMAZING shaft and is stiff enough to cover a lot of different #. I had six of them and they were rock solid. Expensive as hell though.