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Greatreearcher wrote: I absoluetly hate aluminum. For several reasons. First it bends, I hate that, after it bends it is useless. Third it clinks, if you bump them with something else metal, zippers, backpacks buttons. The do fletch easier than carbon. But seriously carbon is like my go to. I have shot everything modern, basically. Shot 2216’s, and xx75’s. That was before realizing this was a waste of money. Then I went to Easton axis, great shafts, but too light. Then beeman ICS bowhunter, then to Beeman MFX classics, and the classics are by far the best shaft I have ever shot(never shot grizzly sticks) but now I am shooting Beeman ICS bowhunters again. They are better than aluminum, and wood together and are cheaper. They are 53 buck a dozen bare. And they are effective. Carbon is the only shaft, I repeat the ONLY shaft I have ever shot that hold up to actual hunting. Coming from a guy that spent every single day of rabbit season(minus like a week all together) chasing them with my recurve. Lets just say I tested them vigorusly. I suppose it depends mainly on where you hunt. I know that if you miss and hit was looks like dirt, there is definaly rocks. So while missing at least a rabbit a day for the entire four month season. I went through aluminum arrows by the dozens. I totally understand why you would not want to spen 114 for a dozen MFX classics, that is why I dont shoot them anymore, althought they were tought as nails. I have missed wabbits, and hit pure concrete blocks before, and the arrow came away clean. Try doing that with aluminum or wood. I know that wood likes to break when you hit a piece of hard wood! And aluminum shatters when you hit rock. Just speaking from experience.

To each his own. You obviously have your experiences. Here are mine.

I started out with Carbons. Gold Tips, ICS Hunters, Carbon Express Terminators, and my Dad shoots Easton Axis.

I am an aluminum guy. I’ve been stumping and squirrel hunting with the same 3 XX75 2117 Eastons since October. I have yet to bend or shatter one out of a 50# bow and I’ve put them into petrified birch trees with a judo.

I’ve bent one aluminum shaft and shattered one on a piece of granite in a riverbed at a 3D shoot. I’ve shattered 3 Carbons.

I will agree that aluminums make more noise…I just don’t carry them anywhere but my rest. If you have a bowquiver than there is no problem. A waste of money? Definitely not. You pay $5.29 for a XX75 shaft most places. You pay $8.00 a shaft for most Carbons. I can get 12 Eastons for the price of 6 Carbons and I personally haven’t busted enough arrows to justify paying the extra money. However…that is just me.

I DO like the fact that carbons are either perfectly straight or they SHATTER rather than bend. BUT..broke is broke to me. Don’t make it sound like they bend like a piece of licorice though. That isn’t the case. Give Easton more credit than that 🙂

I do agree with you that the Beman ICS are the best Carbon for the money. A SOLID shaft and cheaper than the CE. That was the last shaft I shot and I put one THROUGH a sapling tree and was able to retrieve it without any damage.