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I just got into shooting traditional about two years ago. Its been alot of joy and alot of pain…as most love is :wink:. I shoot carbon for quite a few reasons. For one, its the only arrows I can find local. They are also built to exact tolerances. But another reason is they are tough as nails…I have shot them at rocks and stumps and everything imaginable, just trying to break them (my wife was once sponsored by carbon express so I was obligated to put them to the test). With regular use they do not bend or break. With flat out abuse it is hard to break them. I am not a fan of aluminum though. They bend and break too easily. I may swap over to wood some day. But not until I get to the point that I can hit the target everytime. I still flub up and miss the entire target from time to time. But thats just my reasons. There are people here who can give you better reasons than I ever could. There are also guys here who swear buy wood too. Its just personal preference.