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dabersold wrote: Ireland – I too try to follow Ahsby’s studies , to a point. Not that going from high FOC 15%-20% to EFOC wouldn’t give better penetration, the studies show it does, but for deer and bear my set up has proven to do the job for many, many years. Will my 15%-20% FOC set up bust every shoulder bone when I make a bad shot up front? Most likely not, given other possibilities like skip angle and such but, nor will your EFOC. There are already posts showing up that prove that. It isn’t a cure all for bad shots.
The problem with the so called wound rate studies, when dealing with this penetration subject, is that they don’t take into account only deer that were shot in the front shoulder and lost. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that a EFOC arrow is going to help much when you gut shoot your deer, or any other bad shot that doesn’t hit bone. So, as bad as it is to loose an animal, FOC or lack of it can’t really be used as a stand alone argument. If all animals only jumped backwards at the shot, or I only pulled my shots to the front, then yes, but that isn’t the case. Also, as bad as it is to loose an animal to a shoulder shot that doesn’t get in, I would guess that it has a very high rate of recovery compared to a gut shot. Again, EFOC or EEFOC is no guaranty you are going to recover the animal.
Let me be clear, I am for Dr. Ashby’s studies, but I think it has gotten to the point that all other ways are wrong, and that certainly is not the case. I think the good Dr. has even said something to that effect when dealing with deer sized game, and again, I know history has proven it.
On a side note, I just did some research on a certain web page that sells the “Ultimate” EFOC hunting set up with single bevel heads and all. Total cost for a dozen…$450. absolutely absurd!


Please remember that an “Ashby inspired set-up” is not just EFOC. Lets not forget: #1 structural integrity, #2 arrow flight #4 MA #5 shaft-diameter to ferrule diameter #6 arrow mass etc, etc. All twelve plus factors all must be considered. It is not just about EFOC.

Not sure why someone would pay $450 for the “Ultimate” EFOC hunting set-up. Please send me a pm for that web page.

My “Ultimate” Ashby inspired set-up costs:
1. Six Grizzly El Grande broadheads $29.90
2. Brass Inserts $6.00 for six
3. Steel Apapters $4.13 for six
4. Half-dozen Gold Tip, Easton, or Carbon Express arrows
($50-$75 depending upon choice)
5. Feathers, glue, nocks $3.00

I heading to the woods for around $120.00.