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Its an informational overload isn’t it?
Ask those who know, what kills the animal is putting the arrow in the right place. Shot placement. How do we get that? Accuracy. Aside from our form and execution a big part of accuracy is having properly tuned bow and arrow combination. An FOC of 10% to 15% is fine, An arrow weight of approx. 10 grains arrow weight per pound of draw weight is fine. Deadly. Don’t hope it all works out just in an attempt to achieve this “magical” EFOC. Why is it that those I see who swear by EFOC also find it absolutely necessary to use to use huge 5″ and even now 6″ fletch? Might it be because their arrow flight is exceptionally bad? Might they have sacrificed tuning? I’m not saying this is true of everybody, but I see it way too much.
I have no idea where you guys are at in your knowledge but should you find it helpful here is a link to some very good info on tuning trad bows: http://bowmaker.net/tuning.htm
If you shoot wood or aluminum you should have no problem achieving a decent FOC and arrow weight. If you shoot carbon a little research may be in order because they may prove to be light. But carbons are also obviously perfectly “doable”.