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Ireland – Please don’t take my comment about the absurd high price of the Ultimate EFOC arrow as an attack on your “Ashby inspired” set-up. I know there are cheaper ways to go, as you have posted. That comment was kind of a rabbit trail at the end of my post and another pet peeve I have about this subject. We need not kid ourselves, there are lots of people making tons of money on this and making claims that are not far from falsehoods. Alaska Bowhunting Supply is one of them and the one I was referring to. Add up the cost for a dozen Ashby single bevel broadheads and a dozen Grizzlysticks and there you have it. I’m not at all against private enterprise, but I am against price gouging and advertising that leads someone to believe they NEED to have this or you are somehow not going to be an effective hunter.
And, yes I know that the Ashby tests are not only about EFOC. Somehow that has taken the front seat, but just the fact that we now have a 12 step program to get what some would say is the only responsible arrow for hunting any kind of big game just furthers my point. If I were to hunt Africa’s big 5 I would be the first to jump in on this kind of set-up, but remember my argument is some think we need it for deer and bear sized game.
Again I want to say that I’m very thankfull, and believe that Dr. Ashby has done bowhunting a big favor by doing these tests. It is the the length that some have taken it to that I have a problem with.