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Arne Moe
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Folks, “Core Archery” is a TOP book written by a TOP coach, Larry Wise (USA Archery Level4 – NTS coach, multiple time champion a few years ago, and VERY active in archery and archery coaching). I frequently recommend this book when I am responding to compound shooter’s questions.

I seldom mention it on “Trad” forums due to the backlash of “OMG!!! That is a wheel bow technique so can’t possibly have anything good for us in it.”

Core Archery DOES show all the correct techniques that are easily applicable to our “Trad” ways. There is discussion about using releases, but basic form is basic form!! And Larry’s book is at the top of a short list. We all can( I have!!) learn a lot from it IF we can leave the “trad bias” out and perceive the “meat” of the book.