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Quote: shooting a 62″ Martin Hatfield 55# … draw 28″… shafts are 2016s tipped with a 125gn Wensel Woodsman … shaft, minus the broadhead, is 31.25″.

Problems with his set-up:
1. According to the Easton Arrow Selection Chart, he should be shooting a 2219,2315, or a 2415 arrow. The 2016 arrow he is shooting is for a bow in the poundage range of 29-34 pounds. He can attempt to tune this set-up all day long but will never get good arrow flight. I personally would recommend he shoot the 2219 arrow if he stays with aluminum.”

The current Easton charts are WAY off for recurves and longbows and very different from the charts of the 70’s and 80’s when aluminum was king. I have no idea as to why Easton has changed their charts, but today they are confusing and worthless at best.

A 2016 has an AMO spine of 59 lb, same today as 30 years ago. It will be weak for a 55 lb Hatfield,esp at 31.25″; a 2018 or 2117 would be better and would allow a litte extra point weight, a good thing. Shorter would help, too. He would need a brick on the front to get a 2219 to tune.