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I’m going to get BASHED for this one! While I greatly appreciate Dr. Asby’s studies(I shoot for about 15-20% FOC), I feared this would eventually happen. We have with this post gone from high FOC arrows will help with penetration on heavy boned animals like elk/moose/Asian buff, to you need EFOC arrows with single edge broadheads or you will not be able to consistently kill deer. I totally agree with J.Wesbrock. A good old fashioned standard FOC arrow that is WELL TUNED, from a bow of adequate poundage, 45#-up, is more than enough for deer. I would have to argue that a poorly tuned high FOC arrow would not have fared much better in the above failures. We need to keep it real guys. Shot placement, well tuned equipment, and sharp broadheads, will go a lot further than just adding a ton of weight to the front of your arrow. Have at me boys!