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Was scouting in a WMA last week. Lots of squirrels, and deer (tracks and rubs), but no turkey sign. Sure I flushed several as the tracks were so fresh (crunchy snow). Slipped on Ice. Walking one second, staring at the sky the next. Landed on my lower right side of my back (didn’t hit my head). Dr says cracked ribs, and worried about fluid in my lungs. Snow cover is a blessing, alergies are better (less caughing and sneezing).

12 inches of powder fell today, still coming down now…

Waiting for a bigger storm this weekend. Thinking I’ll finally buy a pair of those light aluminum snowshoes, ash and rawhide are getting heavy. Besides those I have are way bigger than I need.

Got a BOHNING fletching jig, and about to replace all of the feathers on all of my arrows.

Oh, btw storm today was bad enough to close the used bookstore. Got to get there before Sunday.