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Doc Nock
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Interesting view…Bruce

Not to be contestual and perhaps this should be a PM/Email, but I think the point/point of a dart is not the “point” 😯

I’m not a dart aficionado, but ones I recall had skinny butts and big fat cigar shape…then a wire ‘point/point”. I took my reading of the same description as being the “SHAFT” of the dart to be tapered to the front like nock tapered arrows…???

But you raise a good issue.

Only “counter” i can add is that in my findings, a tiny bit of tail weight changes FOC a hell of a lot MORE then a more sizable addition to the front weight!

EX: by adding cap wraps (22+/- gr) off set my foc by a HUGE per cent wehre adding 25 gr. up front didn’t make a lot of difference. Also with a cap wrap, it made my arrows FLY stiff when they were weak prior!

I ended up spraying a cap wrap on my shafts to avoid that…

Did you bare shaft the shafts with the weight tubes up front?

When I bare shafted mine, using Troy’s guide to tuning EFOC, I was dead level nock and square on!

Then per his suggestion, I went back to 20-25 yards and shot those lovely level and nock proper shafts and oye! 😯 out about 15 yards, they did some squirrely stuff…still HIT straight on and straight level, but they did that “barrel roll” to MY EYE, which Troy says in slow motion is the arrow kicking… mine were tailing weak.

Only 3 out of the 12, which isn’t unusual for carbons of good mfg to have variance in a couple out of any given dozen.

On my 12 GT, I had 3 that needed a good spanking! I #’d them so I could track em, and shot and shot… same 3.

One took a saw cut width (1/16″), 2nd took 1/8″ cut and the third, a full 1/4″ cut to bring it in flight down range with the rest.

If I’d have quit at 10-15 yards, I’d never have known.

All just FWIW.

Carbon arrows I learned a long time ago behave according to some “dynamic spine” stuff, which I don’t understand…so I just started doing what I was told in the tuning guide, which was different from my non-efoc bare shaft planning method, using troy’s on Tuff Head site, and walla… I got good results…but I did EVERY thing he said, AS he said to do it and was amazed at what I would have MISSED had I tried to THINK my way thru.

Good luck. I’m going outside and play in the dirt!