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David Petersen wrote: Sebastian — Welcome here, all the way from Finland. We are growing increasingly international. 😀 Safe to presume you have legal bowhunting there? Do you have to order your supplies from the internet, or are there trad archery shops there? Dave

Hello David and thanks! 😀 Yes, bowhunting is legal in Finland (Bowhunting have always been allowed for small game, this was formalised in 1993.) As of 2001 04 01 the addition of game up to and including Roedeer and beaver was made.

I usually order my supplies from 3 Rivers Archery. We have some bowhunting shops (or related) in Finland, but they focus more on ”the compound bow stuff”.

We have ONE traditional archery shop in Finland (makes bows and arrows): http://www.mukkanuoli.fi/ipobj/?v.portal.index It should open in english.

Sorry about my bad english 😀