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Greatreearcher wrote: hmm that makes sense, now. I dont think the mods would care about that little word, man you guys are showing your age, most schools around here dont even offer latin anymore!

GTA- Yes, you young whippersnapper, we old graybeards are showing our age and if you live long enough(may you live long and well!), and there are still computers around-TEOTWAWKI notwithstanding- you’ll be typing advice and thoughts to some younger GTA!
Schools not being what they once were, centers of first princples and the teaching of how to learn, you must educate yourself. We live in an age of the most accumulated and accessible knowledge ever known to humans throughout history and the question is- why is there so much ignorance? Read what Thomas Jefferson learned in a one-room schoolhouse in Virginia more than 200 yrs. ago- amazing!
Re-read StandingBear’s post again- we hunt trad bow mainly for the return atavistically to what we perceive as a “simpler” lifestyle- though we can perversely “unsimple” it very easily- but realize in whatever culture, in whatever age- LIFE IS NOT SIMPLE- it’s hard.
I hunt with a longbow because I have the luxury of a certain amount of free time- and a freezer full of purchased beef, pork, chicken and fish with a store close by for most other needs. This is a gift that I am eternally grateful for as most people on this earth at the present age do not have access to such a bounty, much less clean water.
So, as SB states, if you’re a subsistence community hunter, sorry longbow the scoped 270 or 308 or M1A or 45-70 Marlin Guide gun( how many rifles do I own……?) will be used just as if you want to go fishing, grab a reel and pole. If you really need to fish-grab a NET! And if you don’t have a net- grab the DYNAMITE( not recommended for the fumbled fingered!).
Re rifle season- cover your fletches with a camo bag so they don’t think you’re a flagging whitetail- buy or make a “camo” orange popsickle vest( yes I dislike them too but it beats a slug in the liver)- further off the road, deeper, higher, away from the “boomers” and that’s probably where the game will be too. Oh, and don’t forget the gamebag and plenty of orange flagging tape for the obvious reasons.
Ok, lecture over- keep up your inquiring spirit, young guy- we old-timers just envy your impetuous youth and strong legs!!!
Good Hunting-Bert- “Oh, Dear, where did you put my Depends?”)