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David Petersen
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A fun thread! Allow my unsolicited responses: First, my apologies to Paleo and Steve for conflating their prize points into one. And likewise to Duncan, who beat me to the point about someone already having done it, without me taking proper note and so being redundant. And Wex, there’s more than one kind of romance, thank the gods: some kinds tragically die from long familiarity, while others happily never do. Which is which is an individual issue. 😆 Tailfeather says “Another 8,000 years will bring us back closer to the archaic than the modern. I hope.” Me too! I would favor that happening the day I was born. Of course I’d likely be dead long by now, but I reckon I’d have had more fun, less stress and worry … and all that’s wild and good on Earth wouldn’t be extinct or in dire danger of destruction today if we still had the 10 million world population as we enjoyed during the Pleistocene and before. A happy thought, indeed. 😀