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Hi, just worked with some ladies this weekend. The first thing I check is the dominant eye. It is possible to close one eye but then you lose depth perception. Anyway check for dominant eye by pointing at something and alternately closing one eye then the other. One will keep you on target the other will be off target. Shoot with the hand that keeps you on target. Then the questions you asked have to be addressed. No woman should endure the pain of arm or breast slaps. That will put an end to what might be a wonderful sport for the whole family. The opening of the stance will take care of the chest problem. Just remember to turn at the waist so both shoulders are in line with the target. The elbow problem is much harder to get women to understand. It is not just the way they naturally hold their elbow but the shoulder also. In turning the elbow so it is 90 degrees from body the shoulder must be rolled or you will see a hump at the shoulder instead of a straight line from wrist to opposite elbow. G Fred’s book with the low starting position shows and helps explain this. The shoulder must be turned and rolled as well.Elbow does not have to be cocked as this puts a lot of strain on joints and will cause future pain. Once stance is open ,shoulder and elbow rolled the arm can be in a straight relaxed not locked straight line to and thru the shoulders so bones instead of muscles will hold the bow and proper back muscle tension can be utilized to shoot the bow. If form is correct the only need for chest protector or arm guard is if clothing hitting string.