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Both arrows passed thru the 11.5″ of styrofoam target and 2″ of ethafoam like it wasn’t even there! The “whump” we heard was the second arrow burying itself into the wood frame we have at the base of our target area. The penetration we were seeing was nothing short of amazing! I’ve shot both these targets before with conventional arrows in the 400-500gr. range out of a 59# bow and have NEVER got penetration like this. ( I should mention that my arrow flight was likely not near as perfect as his either). We kept walking back a fes yds at a time with the same results.

Finally, at 30 yds, the arrows stopped in the target. The 630 was the deeper one, penetrating the whole 11.5″ of styrofoam and 2″ of ethafoam with the point and outsert sticking out the back. The 700 penetrated the styrofoam and just the tip of the field point stuck in the ethafoam.

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