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He shot several more arrows and sometimes they would be stopped by the targets, sometimes not. Anything closer than about 25 yds. and they were going right thru.

The 630 shaft came in at 392grs. and 29.5% FOC . The 700 shaft came in at only 360 grs. ,but 33% FOC. Neither of them hit the 400 – 425 grs. I was hoping for, and the 630 didn’t quite make UEFOC 😥 . However, both fly like absolute darts:D . My son even commented that these bare shafts fly better than his 3D arrows.

We chronograph-ed both arrows and he’s getting 168 fps out of the 630 and 174 (if I remember correctly… we chrono-ed all of them) out of the 700’s.

Sorry for the long-winded posts, but to say I was impressed and excited is an under-statement. I know my setups will be changing for myself after seeing this. After talking with a buddy and telling him the results… I think his might be too!

Tomorrow it’s fletching and broadheads! May the best arrow win. ( I’m rooting for the heavier one)

On a side note:

Thank you Mr. Ashby for your life-long study and sharing that benefits us all. The bowhunting community truly owes you a debt of gratitude. It’s my fervent hope that more people will read your work and then try it for themselves so that they may be convinced of its efficacy.