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David Petersen wrote: Patrick — He doesn’t like hats because he doesn’t need a hat! That’s more hair right there than I managed to grow, cumulatively, in a lifetime! Of course, growing up mid-century, my father insisted I keep a “burr” cut, then came the Marines for whom a burr was way too long, then came baldness, revealing the true magnificence of the fully revealed human male skull! 😳

😆 That excuse don’t fly with me! I have very thick hair too, but that doesn’t keep me from covering it up. I just love hats. 8)

David Petersen wrote: Is that a yeller lab pup … or a runted adult? It appears the latter. Man, if I could find a seriously runted black lab that has all the qualities of the breed, I’d be a happy man. Big dogs increasingly complicate travel. Much as I love ’em, I’m done with ’em after the current models go south.

Two new magnificent bows, a great son with great hair, and a small big dog! You must be living right. 😀

She’s a 12 week old yellow lab pup. I relate 100%, in that I was very reluctant to get him a dog because I remember all to well how much having one restricts travel options, but in the end, his persistence won out. Plus, I’m hoping the bow and pup will keep him out of trouble…at least to some degree.