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David Coulter
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I haven’t shot aluminum for a few years now. I went to carbon because in my opinion they are actually cheaper than aluminum. When I could get old lots and used shafts for little money on the auction it was fine, but then the prices started climbing. I was going through shafts pretty regular, getting banged up stumping and running into one another target shooting. I’m using Beman ICS Bowhunters, which are only a few bucks more than aluminum and way more durable. These shafts were very easy to tune. I’ve built them up so my stumpers, target and hunters are all close to the same. I just weighed a brodhead tipped at 635 gr, a target at 625 and a stumper at 650. The hunters come in just shy of 29% FOC. On the stumper I have aluminum collars fore and aft, plus copious amounts of hot glue. With this set-up they hold up really well. I might break one about 4 inches back from the head now and then when I bounce it off the side of a sapling, but I only have to build about four stumpers a year. Overall, I’d say they’re a good deal. thanks, dwc