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dwcphoto wrote: I know this is not what you’re after, but I build my stump arrows to match the hunting arrow, but leave them as dedicated stumpers. They have heavier brass inserts and heavier steel adapters to make the judos match weight. The reasons for dedicated arrows are that I still stump a little in hunting season, I use these to shoot a few shots into a stump or dirt right before heading into the woods and because I don’t want to subject my hunting arrows to the same abuse unless I’m taking a shot at animal. Best, dwc

Can’t argue with that at all.

I do tend to use the same few shafts for stump shooting but I think I’d like to have all of my shafts (minus the point) the same weight.

I should stress that I’m shooting carbon and I really try to avoid putting heat to the shaft to melt the hotmelt to change inserts, etc and GrizStiks are expensive. I’ve ruined a few while trying to remove inserts with heat… I’d like to set-up the shaft and be able to shoot whatever point I need to. I don’t want to have certain shafts that weigh more than others because I have extra weight installed permanently inside the shaft.

I really don’t understand why Zwickey doesn’t offer Judo in different weights because there is definately a market for them.