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I suffered with TP for nearly 20 years. I tried many of the solutions that have been recommended here, most specifically a perfection of my shooting form. I could make it work in most instances, except for the most important shots, those that were under pressure. When shooting with a groups of guys, or especially at an animal, I would lose control of the release.

I disagree with those who say that more focus is the answer, and with those who say that there is no easy answer. I discovered the answer this summer and have been completely cured. My answer came from Joel Turner.

I found answers from Joel on a thread at Tradgang. I also bought his video on TP from A&H Archery. Joel deals with the subconcious aspects of shooting, and his solution works. I strongly recommend checking out his video. I also noticed in the most recent TB magazine that he is doing a seminar in Michigan, I believe it is.

I strongly recommend checking him out. I am incredibly thankful that I happened upon him this summer. I am shooting better than I ever have.